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Campsite in a box

Spring brought us a great project for Kampgrounds of America - the world’s largest system of privately held campgrounds, helping family and friends enjoy the great outdoors in the USA for 55 years!
Strengthen the sense of community around the KOA brand as a whole by creating a funny video for April Fools Day
73 sec. humorous video created in a 3D low poly style
49000 views for the first week since posting with extremely positive 13% engagement rate

We created a lighthearted video introducing KOA’s (mock) new product releasing on April Fools Day – the Campsite in a Box.

This short video for use on KOA’s social channels introduces the box and its content. The items in the Campsite in a Box initially seem plausible, but move toward the unbelievable – making the joke more obvious.

You’d be a fool not to order this!

We created an awesome campsite using a 3D low poly style.

It was the first time we created a 3D low-poly animated video. And here’s what our client said:

Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure. Not only did you work with my tight deadline, but went the extra mile to create a beautiful piece that went far beyond my expectations. From proposal to a finished project I was incredibly pleased with everything. Since posting the video less than a week ago, we have had over 49,000 views and extremely positive engagement resulting in a 13% engagement rate.
- Saskia Boogman External Content Manager, Kampgrounds of America, Inc.

We went to KOA’s Facebook page to check the numbers:) Take a look at what we found!


Looking through recent video posts, you’ll see that our video has 3.5 times more views than other posts usually have.

People watch it, love it, smile about it, and are engaged by it.

Mission accomplished!

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