Personalized Videos

Videos are proven to provide higher conversion and retention rates as compared to texts/images. Personalized communication is also known as a tool for increasing conversion and loyalty. So using Video + Personalization brings you to the edge of modern video marketing and helps to spend less money on each new client.

Let’s see how Personalized Videos can boost conversion on different stages of your marketing/sales funnel:


  • Find more leads:

Show dynamic personalized video ads on Facebook. 

  • Close more deals:

Use data about your leads to convert them better. Automatically deliver customized product offerings for numerous leads. 

  • Onboard new clients:

Boost your relationship with clients from the very beginning. Send warm personal greetings, elaborate on the next steps, and prepare them for getting a joyful experience.

  • Increase your customer loyalty:

Communicate relevant info based on the data about your clients. Explain complex things simply and make your clients understand you to get better satisfaction rates. 

  • Up-sale more efficiently. 

How does it work?

Based on your client data you can produce and distribute videos that have the following variables: texts, images, scenes, script logic, etc. Space for customization is limited by your data and imagination only. Each video will be delivered on a unique landing page with a custom URL. In the end, you will get deep video analytics.

Video Example:


The Process:

1. Create a video

2. Set up a personalization campaign

3. Send variable data through CRM/.csv/API/etc.

4. Get a list of unique landing pages with personalized videos for each of your clients and send them out

Blue Carrot has been providing its clients with custom video production since 2014 and is now ready to pilot new technologies for the good of your success! Drop us a line to request a calculation and get an idea about the budgets for a brand new personalized video marketing solution.


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