3D Animation

3D animation involves using three-dimensional models created on the computer. The procedure of generating 3D can be divided into three main sections: modeling, layout, and animation and rendering.

Animation is generated by changing the placement and the poses of the 3D models that have already been created. Scenes generated can be easily viewed from a number of angles.

Originally, 3D animation was created to replace scenes that were impossible to shoot, like from space or other planets.

3D animation is perfectly suited for projects that need to simulate reality. It’s a great way to explain complex subjects (e.g. engineering structures, human body, and organs, etc.).

On the other hand, 3D enables very realistic animation, which is a perfect solution for emotional promo videos. Also, 3D animation is remarkable when compared to other styles, which makes it a good marketing solution.

In conclusion:

  • 3D animation is a good investment for explaining complex subjects or creating realistic promos, aimed at eliciting emotions;
  • for explainers, 3D requires high quality, so it generally requires a bigger budget than for 2D;
  • for cartoons, using simple 3D can be more cost-effective than 2D.