Traditional Animation

Traditional animation is not the art of drawings that move, but the art of movements that are drawn.

Do you remember old Disney cartoons like “The Lion King” or “Aladin”? Yep, they are all produced using the traditional animation technique where each frame is drawn by hand.

Using traditional animation, your imagination is unlimited by motion design (in comparison with whiteboard/cut-out/flash animation) and any idea can become a reality with this type of animation.

It is like a magic. Anything you want can happen.

Traditional animation is the most time-consuming style. Though lengthy, it is unquestionably beautiful.

Overall, cell animation looks cleaner and has a more detailed look.

The only disadvantage to cell animation is that it takes a long time to produce a cartoon due to the huge amount of frames needed to create movement,  so it is very time-consuming. Subsequently, it is more expensive to produce 2D traditional animation films.

In conclusion:

  • traditional animation is a great investment for videos that have the goal of eliciting emotions;
  • it has no boundaries for scripting / storyboarding;
  • production time is longer than for other techniques.