Composed Compensation – 2D Explainer Video


Goal: to promote services that automate and outsource performance compensation

Client: Composed Comp 

Genre: explainer video

Style: 2D animation 

Duration: 83 seconds

Developing problem-focused storytelling

Performance compensation is a task that a company needs to resolve at the end of each payout cycle, whether monthly, yearly, or custom. The larger the number of employees and partners, the more complicated the process. 

Calculating compensation and reporting might become a real headache for a team and prevent them from focusing on their high-level objectives. To avoid this, a company can partner with Composed Comp, an incentive consulting firm from Chicago.

An explainer video for Composed Comp reveals the advantages of their services, including compensation program management, calculation, reporting, and sales compensation administration. The story revolves around issues familiar to small and medium-sized companies, especially those with outsourced sellers who need to calculate partner bonuses according to individual plans.  

The video compares two approaches to performance compensation management. One is to execute the task with in-house resources and avoid a team getting burnt out and unmotivated. Another is to leverage Composed Comp’s software and other services. 

Simple and attention-grabbing, the explainer video works well as an online advertisement, conference presentation, and introductory content for a website front page. Learn more about what makes a good explainer video here: Animated Explainer Video Guide by Blue Carrot

How long did it take to create a video explainer for Composed Comp?

Blue Carrot handled the full-cycle production of this video explainer. The artistic technique we used is 2D animation. It has lower complexity than 3D video, is great for marketing campaigns based on only one video, and saves on budget and production time. Moreover, our light and airy animation style conveys to viewers the look and feel of Composed Comp’s solutions: They are easy to apply and turn compensation management into a low-stress activity. 

The video’s color palettes and overall style are based on the client’s visual references and brand book. The latter helps us contribute to brand awareness and draw a clear line between a particular video and other corporate materials users may spot. It took our team 8 weeks to produce the explainer video. Contact us to get estimates for a video we can create for you.

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