Epilepsiforbundet: Social Explainer Video Localized In 7 Languages Case Study


Goal: Encourage the people of Norway to support and be aware of the national yet multicultural and diverse community of people with epilepsy (Epilepsiforbundet); promote the association’s values and invite people to join the community.  

Client: Epilepsiforbundet (and Halvor Nitteberg as the person in charge), Norway

Genre: social issue explainer video

Style: cutout animation

Duration: approx. 70 seconds

Distribution channels: YouTube, Epilepsiforbundet’s website, and social media  

Explainer Video for Epilepsiforbundet: Task Overview 

The idea behind this video is to empower people with epilepsy by making them visible to others. The target audience includes people with epilepsy, their friends, family members, neighbors, and teammates.  

People with epilepsy have the same rights as anyone else in Norway.  Not only that, they can also make all their dreams come true, live a beautiful and fulfilling life, build an ambitious career, and make life-long friends.

The video by Blue Carrot is designed to show that there is no room for myth, stereotypes, or stigma regarding epilepsy. Viewers can either join the community run by Epilepsiforbundet (the Epilepsy Association of Norway) or simply learn more about the disease. 

Blue Carrot’s Solution & Challenges Faced

1. Highlighting diversity across people with epilepsy

In Norway, there are nearly 45,000 people with epilepsy. This group includes men and women of all professions, family statuses, hobbies, dreams, and cultural backgrounds. To acknowledge the diversity among people with epilepsy, Blue Carrot created five characters. Not one of these characters are like the others.

2. Real stories as a narration base 

To let the audience maintain empathy towards people with epilepsy, Blue Carrot used facts about real Epilepsiforbundet members. Each micro episode features a purple ribbon, which becomes part of the organization’s logo in the final scenes, making the video visually cohesive. 

3. Digestible & atmospheric cutout animation

Blue Carrot used cutout animation to keep the video clear and for a broad audience, creating the atmosphere our client needed. Since the story already has several characters, statistics, and complex messages, we decided not to overload it graphically.

4. Storytelling through voiceover 

The video is expected to be translated into seven languages (English, Arabic, Norwegian, Polish, Somali, Tigrinya, and Urdu). Besides leveraging universal messages, we had to get rid of text and some symbols in the frame. As a result, we turned the voiceover (and its language versions) into the story guide.

Results & Takeaways: We are Ready for New Projects! 

It took nearly a month to produce the explainer video for Epilepsiforbundet, starting from the initial briefing to the release date. Six Blue Carrot team members were involved in the project, including an art director, producer, illustrator, animator, sound designer, and storyboard artist.

Our efforts were praised by Halvor Nitteberg, who has 20 years of experience in television and film production and was involved in making an animated film for Epilepsiforbundet. Soon after its release, the film received an artistic award on Behance

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