Maerchenhotel – Interactive 3D Animated Video Case Study


Produce a video with interactive artwork created by Maerchenhotel’s youngest guests. Incorporating interactive artwork in the video allows participants to create colorful characters on paper that are then digitally scanned and brought to life within the scenes of the movie. Maerchenhotel wanted the artists to enjoy watching their creatures in action and the viewers to celebrate the charming combination of art and technology.


Blue Carrot Animation Studio and the Maerchenhotel team created a project where reality transforms into a 3D animated movie that takes you on a magical journey through the grounds of the hotel.

Not only well known ArtScience Museum in Singapore has housed renowned exhibitions that push the boundaries of science and knowledge. 

Table of contents:

1. Request from the client.

2. Solution and idea by Blue Carrot

3. Production.

4. Final video

Family hotel with innovative software

Maerchenhotel Bellevue is run by the owner’s family and can look back to a long history of innovation – always with the purpose of surprising its guests, both parents, and children. All facilities and the weekly guest program are designed to provide a unique guest experience.

Last year the hotel renovated the children’s dining area, called the hall of kings. One entire wall of this room serves as a projection canvas illuminated by 4 projectors. The projection was a static background picture with a few animations.
  Maerchenhotel Bellevue requested the production company to produce a customizable animation video for this wall with the innovative software for the youngest guests. To create a movie in which kids could color their paintings and these paintings would appear in the movie on the wall.

It all had started with the idea

Blue Carrot got on board. The first step was to prove that the idea is going to work mainly on the technical side due to the complexity of the project.
The decision was to create an MVP of the project.
The first few scenes were born. Blue Carrot had come up with the story for these few scenes, the illustrations of each, the 3D models of the elements it includes, the templates of the paintings and how is it going to work and look in the movie.

And it worked

Both teams have united and decided to kick off this project.
The first step was to create the concept of this video along with the creative treatment and the storyboard. Our Creative director Alex had traveled to  Braunwald, Switzerland for a creative session on a side of the hotel. After a few days of the sessions, the concept and the idea of the movie were sharped. 


Blue Carrot – a 3d character animation studio, took a lead on this project.
The creative treatment for the story was born with the visuals for each scene.

Maerchenhotel territory – Overview Scene

Sketch – Overview Scene

3D Model – Overview Scene

The reality in a 3D world

It all started to get along. Based on the pictures and photo references the locations, buildings and unique places of the hotel were sketched, illustrated and became real in a  3D world.

The Hotel

Pinocchio Fountain

Rabbits Castle

Locomotive Emma

The Golden Goat Bridge

Lama’s Place

Filling in the picture

After the First version of the Animatic was approved more details started to appear in the movie.
One of the key elements of the project was created later on the stage – the templates for the kids to color in the real world and to find in the movie, projected on the wall in front of them.

Fish and Butterflies Templates

Butterfly Scene with the templates

Fish Scene with the templates

Rabbit Template (for coloring)

It’s getting life

Meanwhile, the animation process had started and each scene, described in the script, modeled in 3D became life in the movie.

After the movie was completed and ready to be launched and presented by the Maerchenhotel team in the contest, Blue Carrot team had tested and created the solutions to optimise the process and making it possible for the movie to work with the hotel’s software. 

Big day

The big day for the Maerchenhotel and Blue Carrot Animation Studio was when all the test part was over and the first group of the kids got a chance to enjoy the magic created with human hands. The kids were happy to color the templates and find their drawings on the wall in the movie.

This project was significant and one for the books for the Blue Carrot’s team not only from the side of the video production but from the innovative standpoint.

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