Manymore—2D Explainer Video Case Study


Goal: to introduce and explain the critical benefits of the platform for organizing sports activities in a secure way.

Client: Manymore

Genre: examiner video

Style: 2D animation

Duration: 66 seconds

football field and building behind it

sunglasses and eyebrows

Going inspiring and informative: How to turn an explainer attention-grabbing

Manymore is a handy service that enables sports teams, clubs, and similar institutions to organize activities for youth in a time-effective and safe way. Hiring a coach requires, in most cases, a background check and certificate review. Arranging sports lessons means organizers often spend significant resources choosing candidates to lead these activities.

With Manymore, certificate and background checks take minutes, so you can quickly hire reliable sports professionals when needed. Creating a safe environment for youth sports is the first of Manymore’s priorities; that’s why they also invest in boosting the knowledge of their coaches on ethical interaction in sports.

To explain these and many other advantages Manymore offers to teams and sports organizations, Blue Carrot created a one-minute video featuring coaches, young players, and managers enjoying the results they achieve with the platform. Scenes “on the field” seamlessly blend into user interfaces, making it clear that Manymore is also about intelligent technologies.

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5 weeks to create a 2D video from scratch. What lessons did we learn?

An explainer video serves the goals of diverse customers, which makes it one of the most cost-effective formats to leverage in campaigns. Here, we were focused on boosting awareness of Manymore’s target audience. The video was mainly dedicated to their website’s section promoting services for sports teams and organizations. For that reason, Blue Carrot needed to develop a video that fit the client’s branding but had a fresh vibe.

footbal field pictured as a tray

👉  Our team took 5 weeks to create a ready-to-broadcast video from scratch. The scope of work included conceptualizing, style framing, scriptwriting, voiceover recording, and many other tasks. The final video shows youth sports activities led by experienced coaches while others involved in a process are happy to spend more time observing the game instead of conducting endless certificate checks with coaches at their offices.

Bright color palettes paired with thin lines translate the concept of transparency and reliability that Manymore follows while providing their services to clients.

man looks at sports team images


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