Market Simplified – 2D Explainer Video


Goal: to explain Nitro PX’s functional platform that creates customizable, high-performance applications dedicated to financial services companies

Client: Nitro PX, a tech company focused on creating effective solutions for the financial industry

Genre: explainer video

Style: 2D motion graphics with a precise visual implementation the products essentials

Duration: 67 seconds

What’s special about the Nitro PX’s explainer?

How can one promote or explain financial services in a way that will grab the attention of the target audience and keep them focused for at least one minute? Blue Carrot’s solution was a simple visual storytelling, with positive and appealing recognizable characters, and balanced color solutions.      

In this communication campaign video for Market Simplified to promote an online financial app builder, our team leveraged a 2D artistic style. We combined it with a warm color palette based on purple, yellow, and red to present the client’s solution as one that is friendly to startups and fintech newcomers.  

The voiceover is focused on issues target audiences face while developing finance management tools tailored to their needs or creating a similar product for sale. The list of issues includes time-consuming coding which requires skills and experience. As a result, small independent teams aren’t fast enough to deliver their ready-to-use innovations to the market and are left behind by market leaders. 

The video explainer on Nitro PX emphasizes the benefits customers experience  using an intuitive drag-and-drop app constructor with 100% interface customization.

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How long it takes to create a video like the one for Market Simplifier

Explainer videos can be of different styles and storyline complexity, influencing their production time and budget. As you will learn from our free explainer video guide, 2D animation is an awesome and cost-effective solution for companies opting for a universal explainer video they can use at various sales funnel stages. 

The video for Market Simplified is of medium complexity and took Blue Carrot 6 weeks to develop from scratch. The scope of work includes developing a unique visual style based on existing Nitro PX branding, storyboarding, scriptwriting, animation, voiceover recording, and sound design.

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