Nurissa – Branded 2D Animation Video


Goal: to share a company’s story and build trust

Client: Nurissa

Genre: branded story

Style: 2D animation

Duration: 80 seconds

cow, trees with fruits and green field

man driving nurissa van

2D, alpine landscapes, and real-life characters. Why does Nurissa need a video like this

Founded by Willy Pauli as a small family business, Nurissa has become a leading Swiss catering company with over 3,000 regional clients. Today, the company is headed by Pauli’s grandson, Joël. He took over the leadership on his 30th birthday and the family business flourished. Joël was the first to leverage the latest tech innovations while contributing to nature protection and the local economy.

characters Willy and Joel Pauli

In 2022, the Biel-born brand celebrated its 60th anniversary with 140 members on its team. To mark the occasion and strengthen positioning, Nurissa planned to develop a heartwarming brand campaign. A central place was given to a video that tells the story behind the brand, features its leaders, and explains Nurissa’s social commitment. The video was meant to be published on the corporate social media pages and website.

Pure alpine nature, respectful attitude towards clients, employees, and partners, plus its socially responsible way of doing business were key aspects the Blue Carrot’s team highlighted in the video. Along with this, we translated the story of this family business into bright-colored 2D visuals to make it entertaining and easy to understand.

How much time does it take to create a corporate story in 2D? 

The video for Nurissa is playful, light, and informative. Classic 2D animation depicting Swiss landscapes and their inhabitants helps the brand stand out and attract user attention through social media feeds, articles, or offline events. Here, everything is about choosing a color palette and visual style so the content looks modern yet timeless and different from other Nurissa campaigns, but keeps the brand recognizable.

cup of coffee with symbol of nurissa on cup

👉 Blue Carrot handled the complete cycle of video production. The scope of our tasks included conceptual search, scriptwriting, style framing, creating illustrations, and many others. As an extra task, we had to create 2D prototypes of Willy and Joël Pauli, as well as authentic products and equipment offered by Nurissa to clients. The project took 6 working weeks from concept to the ready-to-publish brand story.

nurissa animated team



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