OrgChart – 2D Animation Marketing Video


Goal: to promote a tool for HR professionals to structure and maintain team charts    

Client: OrgChart 

Genre: marketing video

Style: 2D animation 

Duration: 45 seconds

Minimalism and a clear message. What’s unique about this video?  

Composing and updating an organizational chart might take a significant amount of HR professionals’ time, which could be better used to look for talents or improve retention strategies. Meanwhile, with a handy solution by OrgChart, visualizing a corporate structure and keeping all team members visible is a breeze. 

A new animated video by Blue Carrot is simple and informative. It highlights OrgChart’s advantages and briefly introduces its intuitive interface. The video serves as a simplified explainer for OrgChart’s main page and a social media commercial. Plus, it can be shared in presentations for customers or during conferences. 

In the short marketing video, our creative team went minimalistic. The video follows OrgChart’s style guide and contributes to brand awareness. At the same time, it is targeted at HR managers and business owners who often don’t have time to consume long-form content — that’s why it contains just a few clear messages and uses terms familiar to people involved in talent management.    

2D commercial for OrgChart: 3 weeks from concept to first viewers

A 2D animation featuring text messages on a screen followed by schemes and interface frames is comparably easy to produce. Another critical advantage of this artistic approach is budget-friendly production. In the case of OrgChart, it took only 3 weeks for Blue Carrot’s team to develop a marketing video from scratch, including storyboarding, scriptwriting, and illustration. Dive deeper into video campaign budgeting here: How Much Does It Cost to Make a Promotional Video in 2024? 

Light yet straightforward visual storytelling helped our team make the video dynamic and entertaining, although it had no voice-over. The video takes users on a journey through building their organization chart, managing it, and then sharing it with others in a convenient format. The story arch starts and ends with the same branded frame to make the video coherent and accentuate its call to action, which is a demo request.  


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