Robusta Mattress – 3D Explainer Video Case Study


Goal: to promote a mattress through a detailed product overview  

Client: Robusta, a Swiss bed & mattress manufacturer with over 90 years of history  

Genre: promo video

Style: 3D animation 

Duration: 63 seconds

Why we opted for 3D animation with no voiceover 

With respect to restful sleep, it becomes evident that products like beds and mattresses are hard to promote online. Having a wide selection of products, clients prefer to apply all senses while selecting a mattress for their homes. However, there is always an exception for brands like Robusta which have been committed to delivering healthy sleep solutions for almost a century.   

Robusta, a Swiss-based company specializing in beds and mattresses, combines time-proven know-how with innovative technologies. It regularly improves its models, always requiring materials to explain upgrades and remind customers about the time-proven technological nuances of everything Robusta produces. 

To fulfill Robusta’s need for social media content, Blue Carrot created a promo video leveraging minimalist 3D animation. There, we take viewers on a quick tour inside the mattress and show how its elements work together for a client’s health and comfort. No voiceover is needed here, since all information is given visually, making content easier to comprehend.     

Animated item overview for Robusta: Project details  

Brief. Concrete. Client’s issue-centered. That’s how we describe the 3D animated promo video created for Robusta. 

Considering the poor attention span of modern social media users, the Blue Carrot team worked hard to make the visual storytelling light. The storyline is attached to customers’ needs for well-being and high after-sleep performance. In addition, our objective was to show that Robusta’s mattress will serve clients for years, being a bright example of Swiss quality standards in action.

The video for Robusta contains detailed and animated 3D models of the mattress parts and layers. When a new element appears on the screen, it is followed by a capture explaining its name and key properties. That’s why, besides giving customers a clear vision of a specific product, our video also conveys the idea of Robusta being a company with nothing to hide.  

👉 To produce this social media-ready video for the client, Blue Carrot spent 4 weeks. The full scope of work includes scripting, 3D modeling, and animation, all based on visual references and a storyboard Robusta’s team provided.

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