Socket Supply – Animated Explainer Video


Goal: to promote app-building services

Client: Socket Supply Co. 

Genre: promo video

Style: 2D animation 

Duration: 62 seconds

Minimalism & recognizable style. Key ideas behind the video

Socket Supply enables customers to build fast-working and secure native apps that don’t rely on cloud services. The essential advantage of the approach is to invest more in one’s products instead of spending a fortune on third-party cloud environments or instant internet access. 

As part of its promotional campaign, Socket Supply planned to use a short, attention-grabbing video that explains to the target audience (web developers, digital product owners, and software engineers) how to save budget and effort by leveraging next-generation peer-to-peer technologies based solely on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On top of this, it was essential to highlight how simple, secure, and flexible the solution is.

To help Socket Supply reach its marketing goals, Blue Carrot developed a minimalistic 2D animated video with a voiceover. Its plot entirely evolves around the target audience’s need to build an app efficiently and signifies the extras they get by working with Socket Supply. 

The video’s visual style combines aesthetics from our client’s brand book and custom illustrations they can repurpose afterward for other promo materials. 

How we worked on a promo video for Socket

It took Blue Carrot about 6 weeks to produce a ready-to-use promo video for Socket Supply. The team handled the entire production cycle, including storyboarding, developing a recognizable style, writing a script, motion graphics development, and other tasks. As a result, our client received a video they can use on their website, for social media campaigns and offline events, or as a part of email onboarding. 

The video doesn’t take viewers on a long, exhausting tour through the product but helps them quickly understand whether Socket Supply’s solution can work well for them. To learn more about this type of content, check out our page on promo video development.  

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