TrouDigital — Explainer Promo Video Case Study


Goal: to promote digital signage media players by proving they are easy to set up and use 

Client: TrouDigital, a software producer focused on solutions for managing digital displays. Media players by TrouDigital are pre-configured devices that allow users to watch multimedia content from the Internet on any digital screen connected to them.

Genre: explainer video with tutorial elements   

Style: 2D animation

Duration: 39 seconds

Task overview: Why did TrouDigital need a multipurpose explainer video?

Digital screens and multimedia content are an integral part of our life. However, if you have several screens or several content sources, there is always a question of finding a perfect all-in-one solution to control everything from one account.

A TrouDigital signage media player is a small yet powerful device that makes it easy for users to take full advantage of their digital screens, be they shopping mall screens for broadcasting ads, office-based conference equipment, or personal devices located in one’s apartment. 

It takes less than 5 minutes for users to set up the player. TrouDigital devices are pre-configured which means that all you need to enjoy a video is to connect a player to your screen, power source, and the Internet. 

TrouDigital approached Blue Carrot with a request to produce a digestible short video sharing how quickly and easily one can start watching media files with the TrouDigital player they have just unpacked. A future video was supposed to be used at various sales funnel stages by adding it to a product landing page and onboarding emails. 

A video by Blue Carrot: Structure, visual style, and audio solution 

👉 It took Blue Carrot 4 working weeks to produce an explainer video for TrouDigital. The creative team took over the whole production process, including overall management, storyboarding, illustrating, motion design, and soundtrack (except for a voiceover, which was provided by the client).    

The video gives brief step-by-step instructions on what a client should do after they receive their signage media player. It features real TrouDigital media platform interface details and invites interested users to request a project quotation immediately. In addition, the video was created in line with the existing TrouDigital brand identity in terms of its color solution and 2D animation style, to make it look natural on the client’s website and make the brand easy to recognize. 

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