Vable – 2D Animation Explainer Video


Goal: to promote tools for information management 

Client: Vable 

Genre: explainer video

Style: 2D animation 

Duration: 83 seconds

Simplifying a complex proposition with a video explainer

Source monitoring, collecting data, analyzing what’s happening in your industry, and creating custom newsletters are a few daily tasks an information professional deals with. The good news is that not all of them need to be time-consuming. 

By leveraging top-notch tools for information management, you can automate your work routine and focus on complex things such as making data-driven decisions or delivering first-class products to end clients. Here’s Vable, a platform that will take your information management to the next level! 

The solution Vable offers customers can save time and money. However, it might seem unusual, complex, or unclear if prospects are new to it. To raise the conversion rate for Vable’s website from leads to users, the Blue Carrot team developed a 2D explainer video focused on issues the target audience often faces and ways they can efficiently resolve them with Vable. 

Full information management automation and reliable customization tools became the video’s main accents.        

👉 Visit Vable’s website to learn more about information management opportunities.

Ideas behind 2D animation for Vable

How can the advantages information professionals get from automating some of their tasks be translated into visual language? What is the best way to demonstrate to customers that Vable is easy to use and extremely handy in interface and settings? We used character-based storytelling and a simple yet bright, eye-catching visual style to reach both goals. 

The video contains metaphors to visualize Vable’s advantages and work logic and a voiceover, which made the video more comprehensive and dynamic — the time-tested approach we use for most of our SaaS videos and short video explainers. In addition, the video matches the client’s overall style and corporate colors and can be equally used for website, social media, or email campaigns.

Blue Carrot’s team took about 6 weeks to produce this video from scratch for Vable. The project involved storyboarding, scriptwriting, motion graphics design, and other tasks.


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