Verity — Onboarding Tutorial Video Case Study


Goal: to guide Verity users through the home screen features and prove to users that the Verity app is a handleable and intuitive tool for family money management  

Client: Verity, family banking for youth (8—18 years); prepaid card and money management app for children and their parents 

Genre: tutorial video

Style: 2D animation featuring isometric pixel art

Duration: 70 seconds (the first episode)

Animated UI guides & How-to’s: Task overview 

Every parent has to teach their child a responsible attitude towards money, but not everyone can imagine resolving the issue with a handy app. So why not reveal and explain the opportunities a prepaid card and a family management application can provide parents? 

On the advent of the Verity app launch, the startup’s team approached Blue Carrot to develop a series of animated onboarding tutorials, with each episode covering Verity’s features and interface shortcuts. 

Verity’s users are adults and children, so the app’s interface has two versions. That is why two videos were required to get deeper into most UI-related topics. 

Another requirement was that Blue Carrot leverage the existing pixel art aesthetics of Verity’s communication (check @verityapp on Instagram) which is isometric pixel art. The videos also had to be concise, clear, and fun.

What Blue Carrot did: Characters and storytelling

The Verity UI guides have an extra goal. On the one hand, they explain how to register, access the main functions, and perform financial operations using the app. On the other hand, Blue Carrot’s videos were meant to draw attention to Verity and invite new users to opt for the solution. 

The Blue Carrot team adopted and animated elements Verity used on social media as well as the app UI and built a story around its isometric characters. The plot revolves around a nuclear family with two children who receive pocket money from their parents.

The first video is intended for adults and therefore explains the interface elements of the “parent” version of the application. However, the video is light-hearted and amusing and does not contain complex concepts or tough financial terms.

👉 It took 4 weeks for Blue Carrot to create a storyboard, develop the animation, and design the audio. The episode is also released in Arabic.

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