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Jan, 18, 2018
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Traditional Animation: When the Result Is Worth the Time Spent

Despite all the possibilities that were brought by modernity, traditional animation still remains the most effective way to create video content. For a business, this automatically means the ability to complement your content and marketing strategy with this tool. Therefore, if you want to provide your users with high-quality, thoughtful and entertaining video content, pay your attention to traditional hand-drawn animation.


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Traditional Animation Process

As it comes from the name of this approach, traditional animation movies are videos all the frames of which are created manually. In practice, this means that a lot of time is needed to carefully draw all the movements of the characters and then put them together. So, the traditional animation process consists of the following stages:

  1. Concept development. On this initial stage, our task will be to develop the task of the movie and come up with a clear message (if it is intended for marketing purposes).
  2. Scriptwriting. Here we will be able to write several versions of the scenario to discuss and approve one of them.
  3. Storyboard is a set of hand-drawn sketches that in future will become a basis of every frame.storyboard
  4. Voice recording. This stage involves the choice of the voice, determination of the optimal pace of speaking and recording itself. It is also necessary to select and approve a soundtrack on this stage.
  5. Animatic includes pictures of the storyboard synchronized with the voice and soundtrack.
  6. Illustrations creation. It is a way more complicated and includes both character and background concept creation. Talking about traditional animation we should remember it is frame by frame. So every move, motion,  or blink is drawn by the animator. For example, a character blinking takes about 5 individual drawings.illustrations
  7. Animation. This is the main stage when all the characters come into real life.

Why Use Traditional Animation

  • Traditional animation is a great investment for vidFFeos that have the goal of eliciting emotions;
  • In case you want to include some facial expressions into the video animation, traditional animation approach is the best option for this task.
  • It is the most beautiful animation type. Do you remember the legendary cartoons of Walt Disney Studio? This is the most vivid example that shows all the beauty that can be created.
  • It does not have boundaries. Everything that comes to your mind may be created with this approach.
  • It is still one of the most popular types of video content.
  • It can be applied for any business needs in all spheres of activity.


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Do You Want Us to Create a Traditional Animation Movie for You?

Being the leading 2d animation company, we gladly offer our help in traditional animation video creation. The price of such a project can be determined only individually but the main thing to know is the fact that this is the most expensive technology. At the same time, it is one of the most spectacular, beautiful and memorable ways of communication with the target audience.


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