What is a marketing cartoon, and how can your business benefit from It?

Aug, 04, 2021
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All great advertisements have fantastic stories behind them. Think about any TV ad you saw in your childhood. It’s a good bet that there was always a hero in need of a solution to a problem. Next, a life savior most likely appeared. That life savior was often a brand the hero turned to for a solution. The result? Everyone lives happily ever after, of course! 

Cartoon marketing videos give you the power of story, allowing you to emotionally connect and win your audience’s love. This article will reveal the key benefits of cartoon marketing video and explain why use cartoons for business

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  1. What is Marketing Cartoon Video?
  2. Main Reason to Use Marketing Cartoons in Your Marketing Strategy
  3. How Blue Carrot Can Help?
  4. Conclusion


What is Marketing Cartoon Video?

Animation in advertising became common throughout the 1940s when commercial television increased in popularity. More and more people started to put TVs in their homes, and the networks started using commercials to fund their stations. 

Professional cartoon marketing video turned out to be an effective advertising tool with its importance in the industry increasing exponentially. The advertising style proved that any product could speak, any service could be personalized, and any brand could have its voice.

So, what is a marketing cartoon, exactly? It’s the same old advertisement you’re used to but animated in a cartoon style, giving viewers the feeling  that they are watching a cartoon rather than an ad. And who doesn’t like cartoons?   

Today, brands use animation to quickly and humorously talk about the company’s values, services, or products. Take Red Bull ( Accessed, 2024), for example. They essentially developed a whole cycle of cartoon marketing ads. Thanks to this approach, they managed to engage the audience more, attract new customers, message their values, and cement their place in the memory of their audience. 

👉 Marketing cartoon videos could be different: 

  • Direct: it has a clear and straightforward CTA to buy a product, service, etc. 

  • Indirect: it could be without a CTA, but still engages the audience. For instance, the number of ads connected with the same plot we used in the explainer video production case study for Blundermail. 

The second option usually aims to educate or entertain the audience, leading to increased loyalty and trust. As a bonus, such ads can communicate their values to the audience and drive curiosity about your brand.

You could argue that marketing cartoon videos became so popular because they look cute, or they are really funny, or simply because they give endless possibilities for brands. These points may all be true, but there are more specific reasons to use cartoon marketing video. Check them out below.


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5 Benefits of Marketing Cartoon for Business

Benefits of Marketing Cartoon for Business

  1. People like watching cartoons
  2. Standing out in the information stream
  3. Space for brave ideas
  4. Addition to brand identity
  5. Doesn’t look like an ad


1️⃣ Who doesn’t like cartoons?

The most significant advantage of cartoon marketing videos is the positive emotions they evoke. People associate cartoons with childhood, carelessness, and fun, and when they watch the cartoon-like content, it unconsciously provokes that range of emotions.  

2️⃣ Differentiate you in the information stream

Animation on its own is dynamic, colorful, and live. Cartoon animation is a sweet bonus. It always has a story with characters and it definitely will benefit your business. 

👉 Just take a look at this one example, and you’ll understand what we mean:

3️⃣ Allow to implement bold ideas

Cartoon marketing videos are the most flexible format of content delivery. It’s very easy to tell stories through cartoons. Moreover, you can show different compositions, which is crucial for complicated stories. So, take your boldest ideas out and implement them with cartoon marketing videos. 

👉 Take a look at this cartoon marketing video example Blue Carrot created:

4️⃣ Non-obvious way to complement your identity

Companies often use cartoon marketing videos to flesh out their brand identity. For example, you can create your cartoon brand character in the colors of your logo. There are millions of ways to include your existing brand identity in the cartoon marketing video to power it up and build a tighter connection with the audience. 

👉 Here’s how we managed to create corporate mascots. Isn’t it great?

5️⃣ Doesn’t look like an ad 

One of the most attractive advantages of cartoon marketing video is that it is perceived differently than an ordinary ad. The image is totally different, it’s entertaining, dynamic, colorful, and what’s more – it tells the story. As a result, people don’t feel as if something is being sold to them, which builds more trust and empathy. 

👉 If you need proof, here is another example:



Main Reason to Use Marketing Cartoons in Your Marketing Strategy

If you want to know what benefits of business cartoon marketing video can bring – is high conversion. So let’s dig a bit deeper into this crucial reason to use marketing cartoons in your marketing strategy.

📌 Raise conversion rate

Every marketing video has its business goals. The high-level goal may sound like, “We need to increase sales,”  “We need to increase brand awareness,” or, “We need to increase the conversion rate.”

Compared with text alone, conversion of video and animation is much higher. 

Thus, the number of clicks on a link in video and animation is 41% higher (Kakkar, D “How Videos Generate Quick SEO Results – Search Engine Watch.” Search Engine Watch,  2018) than the number of clicks on links placed in text 🔗

Cartoon videos work the best for the top of the sales funnel – they help you increase brand awareness. For the bottom of the funnel, they build trust and loyal relationships with customers. That’s why cartoon marketing videos are a common story for big brands. 

Brands like Red Bull, Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola don’t need to worry about sales as much – their goal is to build loyalty. So, they start to invest money in creative cartoon videos to reach that target. In addition, big brands definitely use marketing cartoon videos more frequently, having higher budgets. So if you were looking for cons of cartoon marketing video, that would be it – the cost.

👉 The exception in videos is drawing style, which reflects the cartoon style. Take a look at some examples we created at Blue Carrot:


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How Can Blue Carrot Help?

If you are looking for a marketing cartoon video production company, your search stops here. Blue Carrot is an animated video production house with extensive expertise in creating all types of videos. 

We know how to make cartoon videos that are fun, tell your story, and catch your target audience’s attention. With 7 years of experience, we can help you realize any idea, make our price fit your budget, and come up with great results. Check our portfolio here

Share your ideas with us now to get a free consultation and start working on your project today!



To sum up, we dove into cartoon marketing videos and explained the following: what is marketing cartoon video, what the advantages of cartoons about business are, and why high conversion rate is the ultimate benefit of marketing cartoon videos. 

With all this information at hand and cartoon marketing videos examples, you’re fully aware of the topic. For more information about Blue Carrot marketing cartoon video production services, follow the link. Now, it must be easier to decide whether you need to go for a cartoon video in your marketing strategy. 


🥕  Check out what Blue Carrot has to offer. 


If you have any questions or need consultancy on the cartoon videos, feel free to drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help you! 👇

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