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On looking through the numerous articles about the creative process, I faced with a lot of information, and noticed that the majority of authors referred to the same classification of the creative process stages. This classification by Graham Wallis has 4 basic steps of the creative process – Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, Verification. They describe only the beginning of the creative process: the idea-generation, the birth of concept and so on. But why do they omit the following steps, which are not less creative? The creative process does not stop until the video reaches the broad masses, does it?
So I will try to create our own classification, which deals with everything that is happening in our studio during the work on the project. In general, the whole creative process in Marveo studio can be divided in 6 steps:

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  1. Business analysis
  2. Script
  3. Storyboard
  4. Images
  5. Motion Design
  6. Sound effects
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Business analysis

When a new customer comes, firstly we need to get acquainted with him or her, so we send a Brief (a list of the important questions). Then we are like detectives looking up all given information and searching even more to understand the business almost as deep as our client  Once everything is arranged on shelves, we proceed to the second stage.


Here begins the brainstorming on the topic:
What story will be more suitable here? How should we present it? Seriously? Funny? Subtly or persistently? Maybe it will be better NOT to use words at all? Or maybe I should buy a few vocabularies more? Then starts an information-filtering, where all the important aspects are selected. Besides the script, the theme, idea, concept, characters are generated on this step. After finishing this stage, the customers and the team have a general view of the project’s further development.


The basic question what we have here is “So, how will we show it, huh?” When the script is approved, the artists start to create the visuals. Besides the detailed description of the scenes and cadres in words by the scriptwriter, our artists make sketches to each scene, and sometimes to each frame. This is the time of highly creative process, because then all the details are discussed, starting with the characters’ clothes, ending with backgrounds. That is the stage, when our characters and the overall style of the video are born.

When a storyboard is created, we do the first test version of the video, which can remotely show us the final result. This sub-step is called “Animatic”, which is a very important part of the process. Animatic helps to avoid future defects which then can cost us much time on correction.


After this, the stage of creating Images begins – the longest and most time-consuming step. Based on the already drawn sketches, the artists are doing a more detailed drawing. For example, when it is concern of character animation, the artist draws every single movement. Sometimes, if the character just blinked surprise, it takes about 5 individual drawings. In general, it is really hard and diligent work.

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Motion Design

After the drawing, it’s turn of the Motion Design. Our motion designers breathe the life into pictures of our artists. Creating amazing effects, they give dynamics and integrity to the video. With each new project, they adopt new technologies and methods, to improve the quality of our videos.

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Sound effects

At the Sound effects step we choose the most appropriate voices for the narrator (narrators?), select specific sounds and work on music. The music is created with the participation of the whole team, because everybody has felt deeply the soul of this project.

After all the steps are passed we can enjoy the result of our long and hard work – the awesome video,
which will make our customer just a little happier, we hope 🙂 So goes the creative process in Blue Carrot.

Bulleted list

  • Our task then was to create an exciting way to conceptualize this service that would make people want to get more information.
  • If more people knew about a quick-and-easy way to choose the right card, a place where they could compare hundreds of cards for free, their choice would be a no-brainer.
  • Please Save wanted to be the first thing people thought of when they need to get a new credit card.

Likewise, when I’m receiving feedback (and feeling defensive), the story goes like this: These people don’t get it. How can I defend our work so that we keep everything that I like about this project, and in the end, I don’t feel like a failure?

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