Whiteboard Videos

Very simple and predictable in terms of cost and production.

Whiteboard animation consists of a number of appealing illustrations, processed by software, which produce a nearly complete video. The finishing touches are then applied by a  motion designer.

The process is quite straightforward and you can expect that there will be no surprises. We will be able to estimate work hours precisely. That’s why you should expect a relatively inexpensive flat rate per minute.

Being a comparatively simple animation style, whiteboard animation requires less effort, thus a 1–3 minute video made in this style usually takes about 4–6 weeks. Occassionally, we can even complete one in as few as seven days!

Whiteboard animation is perfectly suitable for explaining complicated things. A dynamic whiteboard enables the application of expensive animation methods (only where it is really necessary) while keeping costs down by using classic whiteboard animation. This style may incorporate moving/talking characters, motion graphics, 3D animation or any other animation approach.

Whiteboard animation is also comprised of “hand-drawn” and “cartoonish” illustrations. This is the reason some clients choose a different style. Huge companies may find it out of compliance with their brand guidelines, while smaller companies may consider this style something “different” from their website, logo, etc.

This may not necessarily be a problem. Whiteboard animation can be an outstanding “ice-breaker” for your audience. Even if the style looks a bit “different”, it can incorporate your brand colors, identity and other things in order to make the viewer feel your brand.

In conclusion:

  • a whiteboard video is a highly cost-effective solution, it guarantees great value for minimal cost;
  • turnaround time is relatively short and very predictable;
  • whiteboard animation is a great solution for typical explainer videos (1–2 min) as well as for large educational courses (10+ min).
Project examples