Template vs. Custom Explainer Video

Dec, 28, 2017
Senior Account Executive

While creating promotional videos, you are frequently tied to a budget and a timeline.  That means you’ll be looking for ways to reduce cost and turnaround time.

So, your first thought may be to simply use a template character for your animated videos.

At first sight, this seems like a really good option. Why pay thousands of dollars for a custom explainer video if you can do it by yourself in a couple of days?

But let’s dig deeper. Is this really a win-win option or are you actually losing something?

Brand Awareness and Identity

I am sure you are careful with your brand. You’ve put so much work into your website design, social media, and other channels. So be consistent!

Showing your brand identity in your video is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Apply brand colors to your video, choose the style that best matches your website, everything should look organic.

Customized video will help your customers recognize and remember you better. At the same time, you avoid the risk of generating mistrust with potential customers.

Check out this Scratchpay video in which we´ve applied the brand´s identity in a very compelling way:

Engage with Your Target Audience

When creating a video remember, you are doing this for your customers. That means they should see themselves in the video. We are talking about the way they look, their clothes, age, job and most important, the “problem” they have. Tell the story in a way they will identify with.

The first thought a customer should have ought to be: “Oh, that’s me!”

A video has way more chances to influence a customer when he can identify with your character.

So think through your buyer persona before the project starts.

Even if you are not planning to make a character video, its overall look should appeal to your target audience. Aesthetics can tell a lot about who a person is, and you should definitely put your audience in first place for your promotional video.

Take a look at our Jonson family – the target audience of Kampgrounds of America.

A Bad Video is a Customer’s Warning Sign

Engagement rates are also better on custom videos because the characters’ movements flow and transitions are smooth, the voiceover you choose will set the right mood, and both of this help to keep viewers entertained.

Poor quality video may cause discomfort or mistrust. Personally, I tend to question the quality of a product after watching a crap promo video for that product. I bet you do too!

As you can see customized video is a great way to convey the right message to your target audience, and that is something template explainer videos will not deliver.

So think about explainer video as a long-term tool and invest smartly in your marketing.

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