You got your explainer video. What’s next?

Dec, 29, 2017
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After reading a dozen of articles about how video greatly improves the ranking of the website you created your promo video, you decide to embed the video on your homepage. So now it will be ranked in the top ten, right?

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. How will you know the effect your video is having? That’s right, you’ll use analytics! To choose which kind of hosting will be the best for your online video, you’ll need to determine your goals.

We at Blue Carrot have been producing explainer video animation for 8 years. So it’s safe to say that we’re an explainer video production company and you can rely on our experience.


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If you’re a B2B company we suggest using a professional service like Wistia. They provide video hosting and analytics for marketers and businesses who want to better control and understand how their videos are performing.

Brightcove, or Vimeo Pro. also offer free branded players with such feature like video analytics.

If you’re a B2C company and are looking to get maximum exposure and brand awareness, then host your video on an online video network like YouTube.

Remember, Youtube is the second largest search engine, so think about keywords your potential customers might use when searching on YouTube.  Youtube Analytics can help you understand your video’s performance, who is watching it, how long they’re watching, your customers’ location, and much more; all of which will show you the direction you’ll want to take moving forward.

Try to follow these simple steps using Youtube:

1. Include your target keyword in the title.

2. Write a 200+ word description for your video. The keyword from the title should be used in the first lines of the description.

Your first 125 characters should compel viewers to click on your video. Longer descriptions give YouTube a deeper understanding of your video’s topic. And this deeper understanding helps your video show up as a suggested video more frequently on other videos.

3. Finish with a call to action.

4. Include tags that make sense for the video. And make sure that one of the tags is your target keyword.

5. Upload a Transcript. It helps YouTube fully understand your video’s topic and helps your video show up in more suggested videos.

You can see all these steps in our post on Youtube. You can choose all these platforms because you need to get as many people to see it as you can.


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Besides the platforms described above, you can use channels you already have. For example, include the video in your email signature and spread it through social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, etc.

Note that traditionally, people upload to YouTube, and then put a link into posts on other sites. However, now a video uploaded directly to Facebook autoplay and the thumbnail is over twice as large on the news feed compared to material linked from other sites. These differences make it so that on Facebook, natively hosted video reaches more people and get more likes, shares, and comments.


If you have a newsletter, dedicate one of your posts to informing subscribers about your new video. Your goal is to get as many eyes on it as possible!

And last but not least, don’t forget to analyze. Video it is not only the way to educate and engage your customers, it is also good opportunity to explore the market. So, just because you now have a killer video, don’t assume that from here on it’s life on easy street. Everything’s just getting started!

These simple suggestions will help you utilize your video to the fullest.


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