Video Marketing Statistics: What Your Business Should Track in 2024

Dec, 19, 2023
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You’ve probably heard more than once that video increases the conversion rate of your sales funnels much more effectively than other types of content. Why, then, do business owners and marketers complain that this tool doesn’t pay off?

In this article, the Blue Carrot team answers this question with recent video marketing statistics. We also use the statistics of video marketing for business to analyze which industry trends are currently dominating to help you avoid risks while integrating video into your campaigns and products.

Let’s dive into percent statistics with video marketing, which we’ve carefully categorized (e.g. streaming platforms, video marketing, social media video statistics, etc.) to help you easily assess the potential of video for your business.


  1. What Videos Do Businesses Use in 2024
  2. Key Video Marketing Statistics and Trends
  3. Online Video Statistics: What’s Going on with Streaming Platforms?
  4. Video Engagement Statistics
  5. Social Media Video Statistics
  6. Leveraging Your Marketing with Blue Carrot Videos
  7. Final Thoughts 

What Videos Do Businesses Use in 2024?

Before we start going deeper into video statistics, let’s clarify some of the terms associated with this topic. 92% of companies and non-profit organizations that are already using video in their campaigns admit that videos are an essential part of their marketing strategies. However, their content, objectives, and metrics differ significantly. Here are the tasks that marketers usually set themselves when ordering video production:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Strengthen or beef up SEO
  • Upsell more products to consumers
  • Increase customer loyalty and establish communication 
  • Strengthen an HR brand
  • Draw attention to social issues

This is not a complete list, but these points let you know that a video is a versatile tool that is used today to achieve almost any marketing goal. Moreover, the advantage of video content, which is confirmed by video content statistics, is that the same video can solve different marketing tasks at different times.


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🥕 What are the top types of video styles?

🥕 Typical mistakes when ordering the first video 

Today, marketers use dozens of video types. Having worked in this industry since 2014, we have also collected corporate statistics on video marketing. According to our experience, the most popular video formats are the following:

It is no coincidence that our company focuses mainly on explainer video production. This animated content is dedicated to explaining the value of a product and selling it to end-users.

In 2024, video engagement statistics show that this format has the highest ROI and for this reason, companies use it most often. In particular, a video of this type can be used at different stages of your sales funnel, and characters, freeze frames, and explainer videos style can be repurposed, saving your efforts and budget. For example, companies often use images of explainer video characters to create static ads and social media content.

Learn more about the benefits of explainer videos here — The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos: Tips, Types, Styles.


Video Marketing Statistics and Trends 

Over the years, video marketing has only become more and more popular among brands. Previously, high-quality video ads were only available to giant companies with large marketing budgets. Today, many startups build their marketing campaigns solely on video. The recent video marketing stats only prove that. 

At the same time, trends in this area ebb and flow as technology and customers’ needs evolve. What we can say for sure: soon, video marketing will only continue to grow. See what trends you need to consider in today’s world. 

1️⃣ Back up your success by running a corporate YouTube account

YouTube is not just one of the most popular social media in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users but is also an ideal platform to get reach more potential customers.

Every year, YouTube becomes more and more marketing-friendly. For example, last year it became possible to integrate call-to-action buttons into your branded videos, driving users to purchase a product or take another targeted action. 

YouTube algorithms are built in such a way that each new interesting video accompanied with the correct description and title, promotes itself and can go viral.

YouTube’s relevance for E-commerce and E-learning has grown tremendously during the global lockdowns. For many, this platform has become a substitute for real-life experience. In fact, 65% of those surveyed by Google say this about the effect of this social media on their lives.

The good news for brands is that YouTube’s algorithms for integrating paid ads into videos have improved significantly. According to Google’s stats on video marketing, people started complaining less about ads and rarely interrupted viewing of content due to too many ad breaks. Videos featuring ad integrations are now watched 8 times longer than last year.

2️⃣ You can’t do without videos in 2024

It may sound obvious, but what about some recent stats on video marketing? It is expected that by the end of this year, video content will make up nearly 82% of all content on the internet. This means that to win the race for a potential customer’s attention, you will also need videos.

People also expect brands to provide them with information about services and products in video format. Today, more than 54% of netizens want the companies they plan to buy from to upload more videos on social media and their websites. This year, the average smartphone owner spends more than 100 minutes watching videos on the Internet (for comparison: that was 67 minutes in 2018).

3️⃣ Entertaining videos featuring real products rock

What should videos be about to reach wide audiences and go viral? While 2022 can be called the year of educational video content, online video statistics show that people still use internet videos to relax and find positive emotions. Specifically, 73% of active social media users say they consume more entertainment content than any other.

However, it’s time for us to rethink what we call entertainment video content. According to user research, this year, we can expect an increase in the popularity of interactive and personalized videos that also entertain them. E-learning organizations have long recognized this fact and are actively exploiting the edutainment genre. 

The trend is likely to dominate E-commerce as well. Over 40% of modern users (Marketingcharts “Top Online Video Qualities Aiding Consumers’ Decision-Making Articles” 2021) expect more personalization, interactivity, and entertainment in videos from their favorite brands.

4️⃣ Mobile-first approach has come to video production

This year, companies need to do more than just consider the fact that users may watch their videos from their mobile phones. The probability that your video content will be viewed on desktop screens is now several times lower than the likelihood it will be viewed on a mobile device. To be precise, 70% of YouTube users use smartphones to watch YouTube content. As for Facebook, the chances of your content being viewed on a large desktop screen is one in three.

At the same time, if you own a B2B company, the mobile-first trend in the video will affect you very little. Only 14% of business customers watch partner videos using their smartphones. However, the situation may soon change as 22% оf B2B companies admitted that they would like to integrate videos into their marketing strategies in 2024. 

5️⃣ Branded videos are usually paid off

There are still brands on the market that did not have experience in video content production at all but their number is decreasing every year. The reason is that video production is becoming more affordable. Over 57% of companies chose video marketing on social media last year. And according to another research, 92% of marketers consider videos to be an important part of their strategies.

Also, online video ROI is now increasing at a higher rate, which increases its attractiveness as a marketing tool.

In 2022, as many as 99% of marketers who have already used video to achieve their commercial goals, plan to continue such activities. Moreover, 95% want to increase their video production budget for their brands.

Online Video Statistics. What’s Happening with Streaming Platforms?  

In 2022, we saw the profits of streaming platforms skyrocket. This phenomenon can be easily explained by global lockdowns, which locked people at home and deprived them of their usual sources of entertainment. In the US alone, platforms for viewing large forms of video online grew to $ 24.1 billion last year (tripling in just four years). The following online video platforms have become the market leaders:

  • YouTube — 2 billion active users
  • Netflix — the largest paid-for video streaming platform, with 195 million paid users 
  • Twitch — the biggest streaming platform for video gaming, 150 million active users
  • Disney+ — over 70 million paid users 
  • Amazon Prime Video — 53.3 million paid users
  • HBO Max — 40 million paid users

If you are not impressed by these numbers, consider that the experts in video marketing stats predict each of these services will undergo a massive increase in their subscriber base over the next few years. The reason for this is that traditional television will soon lose its position due to generational change. For example, HBO Max is expected to gain 110 million new subscribers by 2025. At the same time, 9 out of 10 videos in the US are watched on YouTube (the percent statistics with video marketing from 2019).

YouTube regularly publishes video engagement statistics as it is the only Freemium platform for watching streaming videos and makes money from ad integrations. 

Stunningly, last year revealed that YouTube users’ tolerance for advertising content has increased over the years and they are happy to watch advertising content selected for them by the intelligent algorithms of the service. 

In 2024, over 90% of people (“Think with Google – Discover Marketing Research & Digital Trends.” Think with Google, 2024) discovered new brands through YouTube ads. And 47% of Instagram users confirm (O’Neill, Megan. “2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends [Infographic]”, 2018) ads in Stories were useful for them.

What types of video content dominate streaming platforms today? According to the statistics on video marketing of the recent years and Blue Carrot’s experience, the highest performing videos are product reviews, tutorials and explainer videos, top lists, comedy videos, educational content, music videos, narratives (including fiction series), gaming streams, ASMR, and live sports and recordings. 

Video Engagement Statistics

Video’s effectiveness in communicating with customers is one of the key questions marketers and business owners are asking themselves. Producing videos from scratch is usually expensive, so ROI calculations and other business projections are of the first importance for them. Below, we explained 5 important trends in this context based on the statistics of video marketing for business.

1️⃣ Generate more videos per month

In the modern competition for user attention and loyalty, it is not the highest quality content that wins, but rather content that is regularly updated and adheres to a recognizable style. According to recent web video marketing statistics, brands that choose video marketing publish 18 videos per month (that is, one video every other day or more) on average.

The benefit of regularly and intensively posting videos on behalf of a brand is that this approach increases engagement rates of both old and new videos. Plus, the more active subscribers you have, the easier it is for you to acquire new subscribers.

2️⃣ Use the first 3 seconds to grab user attention and 2 minutes to share the whole message

Every year, experts report a decrease in the attention spans of netizens and, in particular, the audience of social networks. These days, you only have 2.7 seconds (Marketing Mag, “Short form video is the new wave of storytelling”Marketingmag, 2018) to engage your potential customers. If you succeed, they will keep watching your video.

Video content has a huge advantage over other forms of digital content as it is more informative. As you prepare your next video, make sure the first seconds are truly engaging and intriguing.

What is the ideal duration of your video? If we are talking about advertising messages online (not E-learning), then statistics of video marketing for business confirm that it is better to give preference to videos up to 120 seconds (Hoogervorst, Chiara. “Optimal Video Length: How Long Should A Marketing Video Be?” Wistia,  2023). 

According to another HubSpot study, videos under 90 seconds have a high repeat rate — 50%.

3️⃣ Engagement rate can be measured in different ways

Sometimes, you may not even know that your video is benefiting your brand if you don’t follow the advanced stats. Only 35% of brands (A., Lestraundra “50 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2022 Strategy [New Data].” HubSpot, 2024) that use video marketing deeply analyze their video metrics. For such operations, you can use not only the built-in analytics of social platforms but also custom tools.

At the same time, those companies that invest heavily in video marketing (generate more than 50 high-quality videos a year) are 2.5 times more likely (A., Lestraundra “50 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2022 Strategy [New Data].” HubSpot, 2024) to use deep analytics.

At Blue Carrot, we recommend that you set up monitoring of these metrics to learn more about the effectiveness of your video:

🕐 Watch time 
The longer users watch your video, the more likely social honey will recommend it to new users.

Average view duration
If your audience stops watching in the first minute, you need to revisit the video content.

❤️ Likes, comments, and shares
More interactions with your video boost its status and allow you to increase organic traffic.

✔️ Shares
Tracking the number of shares is not always easy, as there are direct and indirect shares. If you publish a video on your website, you can create a custom link to it for easy tracking of video activity.

😡 Negative feedback
Interactive video marketing statistics confirm that the ability to interact with the video makes it more interesting to the audience. At the same time, social media uses dislikes, ‘angry’ reactions (Facebook), and downvotes to lower the priority of videos in news feeds and recommendations.

4️⃣ Share videos on social media and personalize them

As you already know, social media is the easiest and most convenient way for brands to reach more people with their video content. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in achieving significant commercial results. According to a HubSpot report, no more than 37% of users (A., Lestraundra “50 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2022 Strategy [New Data].” HubSpot, 2024) watch videos to the very end.

How can you increase the watch time of your videos? Every third netizen admits that they would like the videos to be more personalized, that is, they should talk about the problems these people face.

Another way is to prioritize native videos on social platforms over sharing a link to the video you’ve posted on your website. Native videos are 10 times more likely than website video shares to become popular with your audience.

You can also invest in paid video promotion. Since Facebook and other social networks are simply not able to show all new content to subscribers, brands are forced to set paid promotions. More than 81% of companies on the internet boost their content for money.

Social Media Video Statistics

Many entrepreneurs will probably agree that 2023 was like no other in the context of business migration to the internet. In 2024, there are over 3.6 billion people who use social media (Dixon, S. “Number of Worldwide Social Network Users 2027 | Statista.” Statista, 2023), which means more than every second person could be found online. 

As we have seen in the past year, people have started spending more time at home, and social media platforms (especially video-based like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok) have become an opportunity to connect with other people, even if they can’t do so in real life. As a result, the average time people spend on social media increased to 144 minutes per day (Dixon, S. “Biggest Social Media Platforms 2024 | Statista.” Statista, 2024). 

All this of course had an impact on statistics on live video marketing and content marketing. It is difficult to imagine a year in which activity on top social networks (Dixon, S. “Biggest Social Media Platforms 2024 | Statista.” Statista, 2024) would bring greater benefits for brands than in 2023 and 2024. In doing so, video and games became the most engaging type of digital content so far.

These days, Facebook remains the most massive general-purpose social network in the world, preventing brands from ignoring them. In 2022, it reported 2.7 billion monthly active users (Dixon S. “Facebook MAU Worldwide 2023 | Statista.” Statista, 2024). At the same time, this social media platform has a low level of content engagement among users (just 0.09% for branded content,  including video). ( “2024 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report.” 2024)

As for the videos, only 10% of brands invested in Facebook-specific videos in the past year. More often, they posted links to video content (Department, Statista. “Facebook Brand Post Formats 2021 | Statista.” Statista, 2023) on other platforms, according to the platform’s official statistics on video content marketing.

Instagram has made a significant leap forward in the last year, becoming more attractive to 2022, more than 90% of surveyed companies in the US called it critical for their communication with customers. At the end of last year, Instagram had over 1 billion monthly active users, with 1 in 2 of them using Stories. 

The advantage of this platform is that it is used by the most frequently buying audience in the world: female millennials and Gen Z’s. The median user engagement of this network in content is 1.22% and videos are a better choice in this context.

As we already wrote, YouTube has 2.3 billion monthly active users in 2024, making it the second most popular social network in the world. At the same time, unlike Facebook, it is content-specific and implies working only with videos for more than a few minutes

However, promoting branded content on YouTube is much easier than anywhere else: more than 79% of netizens have a YouTube account. These days, the most popular videos on this platform are the so-called How-to’s, according to the power of video marketing statistics of the platform itself.

An important fact about the change in social network users’ behavior during global lockdowns is that people have become more willing to subscribe to branded accounts (“The Sprout Social Index Edition XIX: Breakthrough.” Sprout Social, 2024) (more than 57% of users are ready to follow their favorite companies on social media). However, not all brands take advantage of this development opportunity. Recent statistics on how effective video is for marketing suggest that some marketers are deterred from regularly using videos on social media by the difficulty of measuring ROI and projecting business goals onto these activities.

At Blue Carrot, we help you to make your video content marketing in line with your business goals. Learn more about our professional approach towards E-learning or explainer video production. 


Leveraging Your Marketing with Blue Carrot Videos

Global video statistics are important for understanding general market trends, but many individual factors may influence your success in terms of video marketing. 

Blue Carrot is an animated content production studio. Since 2014, we’ve managed to win the hearts of over 200 companies around the world and create over 10,000 minutes of premium content for them (see our portfolio). Here are the key more specific takeaways for you from our team:

If not sure, start with a multipurpose explainer video and see the results

Recent video content statistics show that educational, and other videos that have a practical purpose to explain or teach the viewer something, are at the top today. 

At Blue Carrot, we realized this a long time ago, so we focused on producing that kind of content for brands. In addition to the fact that useful videos are now trending and the audience is more ready for them than ever, you can save on the production of additional content by using (with or with minor changes) the same explainer video at all stages of your sales funnel.

Example from our portfolio 
Route4Gas, explainer video 

This B2B video explains the problem it helps to solve, which is important for the awareness stage, and it also describes the solution and provides viewers with use cases (interest and decision stages).

Compare your potential profits with video production costs

As you already know, most marketers are confused about how to predict the performance of a video for an ad campaign or social media.

Our team is used to working with business and speaks your language. For this reason, our work begins with examining your audience, business, and competitive landscape. Already this data makes it possible to answer the question of whether you need a video or not. 

If producing a video that meets the needs of your target audience and builds an advantage over your competition is worth more than the new sales revenue you can generate, you need to consider an alternative strategy.

At the same time, we are ready to advise you on solutions for different budgets. Contact us to learn more. 

Example from our portfolio
ONFO Revolution, brand video 

This case confirms online video statistics about top social platforms automatically boosting content that is potentially interesting to users. Our client’s goal was to raise awareness of a new cryptocurrency by making the video go viral. 

We chose the thought-provoking style and script which did the trick: the video had been watched over 100,000 times just in 3 days on Facebook. 

Mind your audience and set business objectives 

Without a clear understanding of who you are reaching out to with your video, it is impossible to create content that hits right on target. Additionally, if you do not have clearly defined business goals for your video campaign, you will not be able to determine the metrics that are important to you, draw conclusions about a campaign in general, or achieve better results in the future.

In 2024, favorable conditions have emerged for personalizing your brand messages and producing videos that will be insightful, useful, and interesting for your strategically important audience. Use your existing business analytics to set marketing objectives or let us help you with this right away.

Example from our portfolio
Touch-Type Read and Spell (TTRS), explainer video

This product is designed for people who face difficulty reading and writing, therefore it does not contain inscriptions and has a legible voiceover. Our goal was also to help the target audience see themselves and their problems in the video and ultimately feel that they have support.

Trust experts but don’t hesitate to join creative processes  

In matters that require experience and expert knowledge, it is always best to trust specialists. Here, we’re talking about planning a video marketing campaign, setting project deadlines and budgets, and choosing tools and styles. The ‘expert’ approach will save you risks.

However, trusting the experts doesn’t mean you have to let the video-making process take its random course. No one knows your product better than you, so you can provide your creative team with interesting insights, as well as help see the video from a different perspective.

How can you balance these two factors? At Blue Carrot, we’ve developed a comfortable collaboration system with customers. Our work is divided into phases (Concept, Script, Narration, and others). At the end of each phase, you have two review rounds to make your suggestions and influence the final result. Read more about our workflow on our home page

Example from our portfolio
Kalgera, explainer video

This video would have been impossible without close creative collaboration with the founders of the Kalgera service. Its success is based on the successful hero choice and the careful character elaboration that we made with our clients.


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🥕 Stylish video for promoting DreamCo agency 

🥕 Increasing landing page conversions with our video for Scrathpay startup

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided you with detailed video marketing statistics covering aspects like social media promotion, key metrics, the online video market, as well as recent industry trends.

Based on our experience (more than 7 years of video production for business), we provide guidance on how to plan video campaigns and what types of video you may need in 2024. However, we also urge you not to get hung up on video marketing or social media video statistics and do not take our advice as an axiom.

Last year proved how unpredictable the market can be. These days, the main features that make a business strong and successful are adaptability and creativity.


🥕  Check out what Blue Carrot has to offer. 


We hope you keep experimenting with content and are always here to turn your creative ideas into high-quality videos 😉

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