Kinetic Typography

Jan, 18, 2018
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Kinetic Typography as the Way to Make the Text Live (Even If It Is Quite Boring)

The specificity of some projects does not allow to completely abandon the textual information. It has already been proven that the brain perceives visualized content better than textual. Modern technologies of kinetic typography animation allow visualizing the text in the most convenient for perception way.

What Is Kinetic Typography

Kinetic motion graphics is a kind of animation, which is a moving text, that is, an animation in which letters and words are used instead of images.  The origins of such an animation begin in 1899 when the French entrepreneur and director Georges Méliès created an ad containing moving letters. The popularity of the typography animation came in the 1960s, and Alfred Hitchcock himself was one of its popularizers.


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Two Approaches to Kinetic Text Animation

Typography motion graphics is usually divided into 2 types.

  1. With the “moving” approach, letters and words are in motion with each other.
  2. If the typography video uses the “liquid” method, they can remain in one place, but they also change, flow from one form to another.

Where Can Moving Typography Be Used

  • Educational projects. The best way to use kinetic text is to educate your audience but do it in an entertaining and engaging way. It is possible to present dry facts and statistics in such a way that the viewers will be able to understand and memorize them.
  • Reporting. For example, it will be much more engaging to create a video report for your employees and motivate them to further achievements.
  • Promotional content. Kinetic typography video can be perfectly used for social, economic and environmental projects when you need to convey the value of your idea, in addition to providing important information.
  • Music videos. If there is a need to explain the lyrics of a particular song, this also can be done with kinetic typography video.
  • Visualizing monologs and dialogs in videos. Sometimes there is a necessity to underline some statements so it can be done with motion typography.

Features of a Good Kinetic Typography Video

  • It lasts no more than three minutes. As a rule, this time is enough to convey the essence and not make the audience bored.
  • There is a properly selected soundtrack. The right music will only enhance the perception and create the right mood, or vice versa will worsen the impression in case of a wrong choice.
  • A kinetic video should not contain typos in any case since it will spoil all the impression from the clip.
  • It keeps the right pace. The pace should allow viewers to perceive information but not be bored or rewind the video back to listen to the data again.
  • The size of the letters, the moment of their appearance, orientation on the screen, the background should correspond to the mood of the entire video and appeal to emotions.


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Kinetic Typography Video Creation with Blue Carrot

If you feel the need for kinetic typography to be implemented within your project, our team is always ready to help you with this task. We will provide a free consultation and discuss all the terms and conditions in order to achieve the perfect result.


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