Why Mobile App Videos are Important

Jan, 21, 2018
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Increasing smartphone usage broadens the demand for mobile applications. Numerous apps are developed and launched every single day, but not all of them find success.

Let’s agree that there’s more to a successful app than just creating one. It is insightful marketing strategies that bring popularity. You may have created an amazing app, but if you fail to promote it properly, it will remain unnoticed.


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Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to bring attention to your app. One such method is to create an explainer or promotional video. Explainer videos are proving extremely effective.

Why are videos for mobile apps so important? ? Well, let’s check out the numbers.

StoreMaven estimates that 50% of all installers make a decision based on your app store’s first impression alone. They also say that users watching the video are three times more likely to install the app and the uplift can go up to 20-35%.

Mobile app videos help you share your ideas directly with the audiences. In addition, you can inform them how they can benefit by downloading your app and explain the unique features of your app that distinguishes it from other apps with similar characteristics.

In fact, you can connect with your target audience to build trust.

Making a good video is your chance at converting users that otherwise would have passed on your app!

The idea that videos are useful for mobile apps is affirmed by the way major markets for mobile apps are embracing promotional videos.

The Google Play Store has always had the ability to upload app videos, Apple has started doing the same with its iOS8 and has made significant updates to that capability with iOS11.

What’s new?

  1. Apple is tripling down on video with the release of iOS11 and the new App Store. You can now have up to 3 videos on each app page to clearly demonstrate how your app works.  For most apps, one video is probably enough. However, for those who have multiple audiences  (Bla Bla Car: drivers and passengers), this is a great opportunity to showcase the app.

2. Videos now autoplay in the search results. When the app page loads, a video will grab a user’s attention and briefly show off your app.

Autoplay definitely increases the role of the app store video. And now you’ll need to create an explainer video optimized for autoplay. First, remember that some people will watch the video without sound, so all the important information should be understood from the actions and the subtitles.

As the video will be seen in smaller format, all the graphics should be bigger, and screencast pics should be not overwhelmed with information(minimum text and small details)

3. You can now localize your videos for different languages as well.


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This is a huge opportunity for anyone with an app in the App Store to improve their marketing.

While your app’s description and pictures are still important components, the explainer video is the first thing potential users will see.

Take advantage of this before your competitors do!


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