21 best SaaS product videos and animations: great explainer examples for inspiration

Dec, 03, 2023
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3D and 2D animated content is a powerful tool to capture user attention. If you plan to promote your product through your social networks, website, or news platforms, they are essential.

While you can do without online visibility and animation in your marketing strategy for some products (for example, food or books),  for cloud-based digital products, SaaS explainer videos are critical in communicating with your audience.

Below, our team shares the best SaaS explainer videos from our portfolio and others we’ve come across recently to show why explainer animations work better than other marketing techniques for SaaS.


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  2. SaaS Explainer Videos: Best Practices
  3. SAAS explainer video production: Best Practices in creating effective videos
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SaaS explainer video production makes it possible for companies working in this niche to get a great-looking visual ad that will convey the value of their product to potential customers and explain its benefits.

The traditional methods of advertising do not particularly suit SaaS (Software as a Service) companies due to the nature of their products. This is where video marketing comes in handy. It offers tools and means that allow for the demonstration of intangible SaaS products in greater detail — via best SaaS product videos.

SaaS Explainer Videos: Best Practices

SaaS is all about selling something buyers can’t see or touch. For a user to make a purchase decision in favor of your SaaS products, several things are absolutely critical: explaining what issues your product or service resolve, in what way it does this, and, of course, providing evidence that your solution can actually make the user’s life easier and better.

In 2024, animated content is still the best tool for quickly and clearly saying something to your audience, as well as making them remember the business message and take the targeted action. In addition, multimedia forms of content are much more expressive than text, giving you a chance to use emotions to drive user behavior.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of SaaS explainer videos best practices as well as brief notes on why we think these products are worthy of your attention. Use this list of best examples of SaaS demo videos as a source of ideas and video inspiration for your future campaigns. 

Dropbox — SaaS explainer video

With this 2D animated content, it only takes you one minute to understand how Dropbox works. While you won’t find any text in this explainer video for SaaS, its key points are memorable and easy to understand. Authors achieve this effect through visual storytelling and a voiceover. What’s more, this explainer animation exploits Dropbox’s corporate colors and style, eliminating the risk of confusing this product with a competitor’s.

Take a look at what services our 2d animation outsourcing company has to offer.

Asana — SaaS video

If you are on a tight budget for product animation production, take a look at SaaS video examples like this one. All you see on the screen is the product interface and a demo of its most important features. Thus, you can quickly and easily explain the benefits of your service to the user. A friendly and professional voiceover rounds up the storyline by sharing the key message with users – with Asana, every project can be a success. 

At further stages in your sales funnel, you can use more complicated and longer footage to explain more about the advantages of your product. Check out this Asana video too!


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Adobe Marketing Cloud — SaaS product video

Each of these ads is an awesome example of SaaS product videos that you can use in the first stage of your sales funnel (for more details read this article — How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Sales Funnel). Cinematic aesthetics and popular culture references, as well as working with pain points of the target audience, turn these ads into masterpieces. 

In order to create the best SaaS explainer videos, you need a genius screenwriter and a deep understanding of your target audience, as well as a huge production crew and a brilliant cast. These visual stories were created over 5 years ago and have survived the product (it is called Adobe Creative Cloud now) they are promoting. Isn’t that a sign of a well-done job?


Grammarly — SaaS animation 

This is another example of SaaS promo videos where actors are involved. While it does not contain a voiceover, the video is filled with words. However, this approach is fully justified since it is a perfect way to show users the interface and tell them about the mission of this SaaS product – to help people find the right words. Simple and engaging storytelling helps us walk in the characters’ shoes and empathize with the brand.

Route4Gas — SaaS product explainer video


Who said that innovations in the gas industry can only be described in technical terms? This short animation easily explains how the platform for fuel distributors and their customers works. It will take you onlya few minutes to learn how to optimize gas transportation to anywhere in the world while keeping your name anonymous. The video was created using a 2D technique and is supported by the gentle masculine voiceover.

Google Calendar — SaaS explainer video production example

Google releases a new SaaS product explainer video for presentation or service promotion almost every month (find them here), but this soulful one, created over 5 years ago, remains an icon of its genre. Here, we see the Google Calendar interface, as well as funny real-life situations in which this tool will be useful. The voiceover does not name or describe these situations, forcing us to keep an eye on what is happening on the screen.

Slack — promotional video for SaaS

“Use Slack to do amazing things” – that’s how the message of this SaaS promotional explainer video sounds. The advantage of this company video is that there are no words or letters, meaning it can be understood by anyone. This artistic 3D design trick underlines the idea that Slack is suitable for any team. The vibrant animation reinforces Slack’s informational claim that the tool helps to execute amazing things.

Blackboard — explainer video example

This story seems too long, however, it explains, in detail, the value of a product and illustrates the positive impact it can have on society. This animation replaces hundreds of words and can be used in the first and second stages of the sales funnel. Blackboard is a distance education service, so the examples of SaaS promo videos that you find on its pages might resemble social ads.

Zendesk — explanatory video for SaaS

Christmas advertising is an art, and when it comes to SaaS products, lovely fairytale-like branded animation is some of the best when it comes to explainer video examples for SaaS. This content from Zendesk is heartwarming and memorable thanks to its storytelling and the “happy returns” idea invented by its scriptwriter. Here, people try to return gifts that they are not happy with, and they do it thanks to Zendesk!

MailChimp — SaaS video animation example

The previous explainer videos for SaaS in our list were at least a minute long. MailChimp took a different approach and produced a short series that briefly explains the benefits of the service to different categories of customers. Each of the stories in the series begins with the words, “Imagine you run a business…” and then offers us a specific solution. Thanks to the voiceover, we learn about MailChimp’s features and what business-related issues can be resolved with its help.

Dissolve — SaaS promo video example

This SaaS explainer video may come as a surprise as it was made without costly production. The authors use a typical brand video script and voiceover and either could be used for almost any brand you know. However, the main role belongs to the animated content generated automatically from the stock footage photos that Dissolve sells. This approach makes the ad truly convincing and memorable as it proves that you can easily create an animation like this for your own brand.   


Proquest — SaaS promo video

The ability to convey a project’s vision in a clear and concise way through visuals is what separates a good explanatory video for SaaS from a bad one. In this project produced by our agency, the main goal for us was to demonstrate the value of Proquest. A platform that contains a collection of over 5 million of citations and text titles for deans and university librarians, and to show the target audience how joining the platform will help improve their research and scientific activities. The video combines 2D animation with a screencast-like animated presentation of the platform. All done in a unique style specially developed for Proquest.

Toggle — explanatory video for SaaS investment platform

A compelling story with a well-thought-out voiceover can allow video producers to keep viewers’ attention as long as possible, even if the subject seems complicated at first glance. The Toggle video, yet another example of SaaS product video from our portfolio, demonstrates this idea perfectly.

It takes a single pain point, the struggle to keep up with the enormous amounts of data that the financial market produces every day, and in a very simple manner shows how Toggle can help viewers deal with this problem. In this video, we try not to focus on hard financial stuff but instead demonstrate simple and clear benefits that any viewer, regardless of their financial knowledge, can relate to.

Microsoft Office App — one of the best SaaS video ads

In this video, Microsoft takes screencasts to the next level by combining them with bold-styled 3D animation. Notice how the video conveys the feeling of a seamless flow and fluffiness via colors, shapes, and layers.

One very interesting detail of this video is the ball that jumps from one app screen to another. Here, animation producers managed to hit two birds with a single stone. On one hand, instead of showing a hand animation as many screencasts do to demonstrate interactions with the app, they added a ball that sort of ‘mimics’ the movement of the user’s finger. On the other hand, the ball also serves as a key element turning the static content into a vibrant moving story.

Box Sign — example of SaaS product video

The Box Sign explainer video takes quite a unique approach when it comes to storytelling. Instead of filling the scene with as many visuals as possible, they stick to just a white pen drawing a continuous line across the infinite surface, while voiceover does the main job of explaining to the viewer what the Box Sign service is about.

Such an approach allows this video to stand out among other SaaS explainer video examples, and from the very first second makes us say, “Yes, I haven’t seen anything like this before.” Additionally, by minimizing the number of on-screen details, the video manages to shift the viewer’s attention to the narrator’s voice. All while the visual part of the story makes sure — in quite an elegant way, we must say — that the viewer doesn’t bounce off before the story gets to the screencast presentation.

Hootsuite — example of a great SaaS animation

The Hootsuite video perfectly follows the visual and branding styles of the company. Given that Hootsuite focuses on social media management, it tries to incorporate some fun in its video, showing that even the use of SM scheduling tools and analytics can be enjoyable.

In contrast to the previous SaaS product explainer video, this one is full of visual elements. However, due to the thoughtful scene composition and animation, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of details shown. Everything looks holistic and harmonious.

Pipedrive — simple SaaS animation that works

This is a great example of SaaS explainer video production where the team knew exactly what they were going for. Pipedrive doesn’t try to jump over their heads here with visuals and animation. Instead, they go with tried and true animation techniques when demonstrating their product. 

Some might say that this SaaS promo video doesn’t offer anything new or innovative in terms of the storyline or visuals, but in fact, it doesn’t even have to. Advanced animation and complicated visuals can never guarantee that your video will perform effectively. What can, however, is the alignment of the video production with your marketing goals and wise allocation of the budget. And the Pipedrive team did exactly that.  

Goby App — example of SaaS explainer video production

The SaaS animation video produced by our team for the Goby app shows who their services are intended for. For 69 seconds it lets viewers walk in the shoes of the app’s target audience — from the initial problem to how the Goby can help solve it.

For this project we wanted nothing to distract the viewer from the problem of the main character who seems to be overwhelmed with their daily paperwork. This is why in the video we tried to keep the animation at a minimum, avoiding bold colors and excessive motion. 

Mint — an effective SaaS promo video

Even though the Mint’s explainer video is 12 years old, in many ways, it stays relevant to the present day and can be used as a source of inspiration. Notice how the video uses text to support the voiceover. Basically in the first five seconds, almost nothing happens in terms of visuals, however, thanks to the cleverly displayed phrases you don’t feel like there’s something missing.

The use of different fonts also contributes to that feeling. The video producers follow this idea throughout the entire video, making it look like you’re reading a book — with the app screens appearing in between the lines there. 

Zoho One — effective color use in SaaS animation

Here, Zoho tries to hit all the marks by incorporating different ideas within a single story. The video starts by presenting viewers with the suite features on the yellow background. Even though the video shows you just some icons here, the bold yellow color firmly holds your attention.

It is done to make sure you follow the narrative until the next part of a video starts. The Zoho animation moves from functionality to a much broader scale, showing what benefits their product can bring to department and enterprise levels, to whole companies.

Discord — a funny explainer video

In this video, Discord offers a really interesting perspective on how product demos can be done. What seems like a generic screencast-like demonstration turns out to be a fun adventure through product screens with the dog popping from behind a screen and other comic situations happening between the Discord characters.

The V/O narrator sort of ‘gets’ that on-screen hilariousness, and acts accordingly. They crack jokes in between the story and take pauses which are not common for explainer ads. This only shows that Discord understands its users well and follows the visual and vocal language that goes 100% in line with the portrait of its target audience. So, as a result, not only do we get a quality product demo but also a fun one to watch.

SAAS explainer video production: Best Practices in creating effective videos 

In the section above, we listed diverse explainer videos for SaaS. However, they have some similarities too. In great explainer videos the audience is interested in watching the stories until the end, and the brand messages are easy to recognize and remember.

Blue Carrot has been producing explainers for all commercial purposes since 2014. Moreover, we are a full-cycle SaaS video production, which means that in most projects we are also the authors of the concept and scriptwriters, in addition to providing recommendations on how to use the final file at different stages of the client’s sales funnel.

If you’re still hesitating and don’t know how to choose a video production company that suits your SaaS product, check the principles that guide us in creating our best SaaS explainer videos:

1. Simplicity and clarity

The more complex the storyboard of your company video, the fewer users will reach the end. We avoid adding things that can distract the audience from the main ideas and opt for short and clear statements.  

2. Use a single message

Most SaaS explainer videos best practices prove that conversion rates increase if you promote a single idea with your story. Focus the user’s attention on the main statement so that they understand and remember it better.

3. Deep understanding of the audience and the way they perceive content like this

We always research the target audience before we start developing the concept of the animated story and writing the script. Customer insights, demographics, and cultural context are very important.

4. Consider the pain points

This principle complements the previous ones. Every effective and engaging animation is based on some client’s pain points. The plot of your story can be related to solving a client’s problem or describing the consequences of ignoring it.

5. The right hero choice

Most often, the target audience becomes the main character prototype. However, you can also find SaaS video examples, where the product itself, a company employee or someone else becomes the hero. It is important to choose a recognizable character with which your audience can empathize.

6. Getting into your marketing strategy and sales funnel

As we wrote in the article How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Sales Funnel, different stages of the sales funnel require different types of explainers. By understanding your commercial task, we have a better chance to create exactly what you need.

7. Beauty

If your animated story looks appealing or follows aesthetics that your target audience adores, you have a better chance of success.

8. Call to action

SaaS video ads should always end with a call to action, otherwise, they don’t make sense and their effectiveness cannot be measured.


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Best SaaS product videos Created by the Blue Carrot Team

Since 2014 our team has been creating animated videos for large SaaS companies and newly established startups. At Blue Carrot we try to always stay transparent about our services and are ready to help regardless of the size of the project or its complexity.

We don’t shy away from demonstrating the results of our work, as can be seen from our large portfolio. We also try to provide as many production details as possible for each particular product. Here are a few more animated SaaS explainer video examples produced by our team:

Punahou Connect

Type — explainer for the top sales funnel stages 

Punahou is the largest coeducational and independent US school. The idea behind this explainer video for SaaS was to show the school’s alumni and students the opportunities that registering at Punahou Connect gives them. For example, Punahou alumni can be supported by the community if they move, receive career advice, and even become a mentor for others. Key facts are given in an entertaining fashion and animation makes them even more digestible. 

Read more about the explainer video case study for Punahou. 


Type — explainer for the top sales funnel stages

Here, the focus is on the pain point of the audience – you have  too many different social media accounts you need to manage daily and it is impossible to quickly share your contact information with someone if you don’t know which communication channel they prefer. This is a classic example of a SaaS product video that helps users to explore product features and understand their value. 

Read more

At Blue Carrot we offer corporate video production services and our portfolio contains lots of examples of SaaS promo videos. Regardless of what you are looking for at the moment — lighthearted storytelling or detailed presentation of your product, 3D design or 2D animated graphics —  go to your portfolio to find an explainer of the style and type that fit your expectations! 


🥕  Check out what Blue Carrot has to offer. 

Wrapping Up 

SaaS promotional explainer videos are a perfect way to grab your audience’s attention, easily inform them about your product’s value, and help them to keep your brand in mind when they need help. Moreover, animated content of this type can be used at all sales funnel stages and can also be adapted for particular platforms like social media, apps, or your website.

The best explainer videos for SaaS, shared above, are intended to show how diverse explainers can be in terms of technique, plot, and concept. Some use beautiful 3D design to connect with their audience, while others follow the aesthetics of famous movies.

If you still don’t know what explainer video examples for SaaS your brand video should look like and look for an explainer video production in USA, Europe and other countries, contact BlueCarrot. We will help you finalize your concept and make your message clear and, of course, we’ll create a cool looking SaaS video animation for you.

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