What You Need to Get a Whiteboard Video Done in One Week

Jan, 04, 2018
Senior Account Executive

Sometimes the latter is caused by external obstacles, and sometimes a client doesn’t realize that video production is a time-consuming process.

To be clear, making an explainer video includes concept development, scripting, storyboarding, illustrations, animation, voiceover, and music.

It takes about 5-6 weeks.

This gives the studio a chance to work at a normal pace and gives you a chance to make adequate revisions and changes to your video.

But what to do if you didn’t plan to create a video, but now external obstacles clearly tell you that you need one and need it very fast. This is what happened to Shane Barber when he started “We care, take action”. His organization looks for donations to provide tangible, timely, relief to farmers and ranchers that have suffered loss by wildfire. He wanted to launch the video ASAP while people have a heightened awareness of recent wildfires in the US.

He said seven days.
Guess what? We did it and here is the result:


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Now we want to talk about tips that allow you to guide your animation studio under extremely tight deadlines:

  • You should know what you want – Shane came to us with a clear understanding that he wanted to tell his story and show how he can help these people.When you finish the call with a clear picture in your head, that’s a good sign.
  • Responsiveness & quick feedback – this is probably the most important factor to ensure a smooth workflow. Understanding that you have the same responsibility as a vendor gives a better chance of completing the project successfully and quickly.
  • You should not expect miracles – Understanding this fact at the start of the project also helps to avoid trouble. We don’t mean you should prefer speed over quality, we mean you should make the video as a dynamic whiteboard animation, with a small number of characters in your story.
  • Trust the team –  In hiring a video production company you should trust them and let them do what they do best: whether it is explaining your idea, your product, or producing an investor pitch.

And this is what Shane told us:

Blue Carrot stepped up to the table and got it done. If timelines and budget make a difference to your organization then choose a group that respects both of those realities. I have enjoyed the process....and the results. Timely, Affordable, Creative, Motivated... They were exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! I handed over the impossible, and a budget. They delivered! I guess impossible now has a new definition!
- Shane Barber Owner at at Barber Industries LLC

We are grateful to Shane for the chance to collaborate and wish him good luck with his project!


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P.S. Check out what whiteboard video services Blue Carrot has to offer. 


🥕  Check out what Blue Carrot has to offer. 


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