Kinetic Typography

Practice of telling a text-based story through animated words, supplemented by graphics.

Kinetic typography it is an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation.

Kinetic typography is used in numerous industries and for a variety of purposes. This combination of text and video content is the perfect medium for explaining facts and communicating important statistics.

Kinetic typography is also successfully used in educational settings. Information presented in a traditional text format may simply be read as a boring list of statistics. Kinetic typography incorporates relevant images and powerful music to help deliver the message in an engaging way.

Displaying the lyrics of songs is another example of the ways kinetic typography is being used to present information.
Kinetic typography has emerged as a means for brands to present text in a creative and powerful way.

Whether you wish to present statistics, tell a story or to combine multiple media elements, this blend of text and video can suit your company’s needs.