E-learning Videos

  • What:

E-learning videos are short, usually 5–7 mins long, aimed at conveying virtually any type of subject matter in order to transfer knowledge in an appealing and engaging way.

  • For:

The main goal of e-learning videos is making the learning process easy and fun, keeping learners engaged.

  • How:

Animations like white-board style drawings are most commonly used for this type of video. These are modern and visually engaging for online learners. At the same time, they are time and cost-effective in terms of production.

Frequently, e-learning videos contain screencast elements when it used for technical training, software training, or step-by-step video tutorials.

  • Where:

Online educators can place their online courses on sites like Coursera, Khan Academy, and Lynda.com. They can also be used for corporate trainings.