Tutorial Videos

What Are Tutorial Videos and the Ways You Can Use Them

Tutorial videos are learning and explanation materials that teach your users how to use your product or service. Tutorial video production is one more way to engage your customers to use your product, show them that your product really solves their problem and is easy to work with and help your customer service to get rid of answering similar questions every day.


Who Needs Tutorial Video

Tutorial video production is suitable for IT solutions and for physical goods as well. It will be reasonable to create tutorials in the following situations:

  • You are launching a completely new product users have never seen before;
  • You have developed a technically difficult solution and you should explain your buyers how to use it.
  • If you feel that your users ask you a lot of similar questions about your product or service, there is also a reason to create a tutorial video.
  • You need to teach your team to cope with new business processes.


Where to Use

There are several options where you can place and how can you use a tutorial video on your product or service.

  • FAQ section of your website. This will once and for all save your users from having to ask the same questions or look for the answer to them in textual information.
  • E-mail response to your clients. If you are receiving emails with almost the same question, send your users a tutorial as an answer.
  • Your mobile app. The tutorial video will be useful for your new subscribers in order to explain them how to use your solution in the most effective way.
  • Encode it into a QR. If you are a goods manufacturer, it will be an innovative solution to give your buyers a possibility to get a tutorial on your product by scanning QR code.
  • Youtube. This is the first place users will be looking for a tutorial if they had not found it on your website.
  • Your landing page. If you are launching a new product, it will be also great to give users a tutorial in addition to your product explanation video.


How Do We Create Tutorial Videos?

The process of tutorial video production is similar to other types of video creation.

  1. Concept.
  2. Script.
  3. Storyboard.
  4. Illustrations or screencast recording.
  5. Voice over.
  6. Animation.
  7. Music.

Bluecarrot Offers Tutorial Video Production at the Affordable Cost

The cost of tutorial video creation depends on the characteristics of the video we will create for you. However, we are open to discussing your ideas in order to fit them into your budget and make our tutorial video production process really efficient.

Let’s make a tutorial video together to facilitate the life of your customers and increase your sales level!