Cut Out Animation

Cut-out animation is one of the oldest and simplest animation techniques and has many forms and variations.

Cut-out animation involves producing animations using 2-D characters, props and scenes.

Animators divide characters into smaller segments, piece together the individual cut-out shapes and move them in small steps to create motion.

Generally, videos done using cut-out techniques are appealing flat-style videos.

The advantage of this type of animation is that it requires little drawing or application of complex animation principles. In the hands of advanced animators, the technique can produce awesome results.

On the other hand, cut-out technique has a number of limitations. Objects and characters look relatively simple and are limited in terms of animation flexibility. As a result, the overall animation looks very simple when compared to traditional animation or 3D.  Additionally, cut-out animation doesn’t work well for facial close-ups.

In conclusion:

  • cut-out animation is a popular technique because it saves production time and leads to smaller investments when compared to full cel animation;
  • it enables character animation;
  • it’s the most popular solution for explainer and other marketing types of videos.