Creating engaging e-learning courses and lucid animated videos at any scale

it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners
it's one of our aweseome partners

We educate and captivate audiences

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E-learning development

We tackle the modern challenges of online education: making learning more engaging, streamlining SME involvement, optimizing budgets, and reducing time-to-market. Our team accomplishes this by blending science-based learning methods, AI tech, content localization, and rich media formats.

E-learning services
Animated marketing videos

We help clients understand what they can get from marketing videos and help them select the most suitable type and style for achieving their business goals. We provide comprehensive video production services, from concept development to delivering a final video ready for distribution.

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Want to lift your project off the ground?

Tell us about your media production needs, and we'll find the most suitable format during our consultation.

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More case studies
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We have extensive experience handling projects of various sizes, ranging from a 60-second explainer video to 220 e-learning lessons comprising over 1500 minutes of video footage and 2000 interactive slides across four languages completed within three months.


Drawing from our vast media production expertise, we advise clients on the most efficient and appropriate formats tailored to their goals and project constraints. We educate them on the project development process and offer budget management suggestions and timeline optimization. Plus, we demonstrate how AI and distributed teams can enhance content creation and localization efficiency, ensuring the delivery of an effective viewing and learning experience.

"We are guiding our clients through the most efficient content formats, helping them to choose the right ones based on objectives and project limitations".
Christina Khomyn
Client Partner


Amaya Cervino
University of Southern California
Everyone in the company stands out for their professionalism, creativity, willingness to troubleshoot, and communication. We couldn't hope for a better collaboration partner.
Neil Stanga
VP of Marketing and Business Development Scratch Financial, Inc.
I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Carrot and will be using them for the majority of our company's creative projects going forward.
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Saskia Boogman
External Content Manager, Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure. Not only did you work with my tight deadline, but went far beyond my expectations.
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Anna Tsytsak
GBH Programme Assistant at UNFPA
We got the 5-star product that we expected. Blue Carrot is a reliable vendor and I would highly recommend them for creating online courses.
Daniel G.
CEO and Creative Director at the Digital Learning Studio
The team at Blue Carrot is very responsive to suggestions, but also takes creative initiative in order to get the job done without a lot of guidance.
Max Hemmo
Executive Producer at LerNetz AG
Quality, on-point-delivery and a very personal customer service made this project very smooth. Blue Carrot's capabilities to scale up the whole process is truly great.
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Frequently asked questions

How is AI used in e-learning and media production?

We harness the latest advancements in AI to revolutionize media production. With its assistance, we can produce content at unprecedented speed and on a larger scale, reaching a level of sophistication often on par with human-made media — sometimes even indistinguishable. It also helps to lessen the dependence on Subject Matter Experts and enhance overall engagement with audiences. This is particularly beneficial in cases where hundreds of hours of content need to be produced. At Blue Carrot, we have extensive expertise using Large Language Models to craft instructional design and Generative AI for media production and localization of large educational courses.

How to choose the right video format?

It depends on the marketing or learning goals you aim to achieve, as they determine the video type, style, and length. For detailed information, we recommend contacting us directly for a free consultation on efficient formats, budgeting, and project timelines. Alternatively, you can use the pricing calculator to get an accurate cost estimate for any type of animated video project.


Why is learning design important in course production?

Incorporating learning design principles during the production of video courses allows the analysis of learners’ most critical problems, establishes learning outcomes, organizes content in a logical sequence, and ensures that the course fully meets the projected outcomes. By structuring content this way, course designers help learners understand complex topics more easily and retain information more effectively.

What media types do you produce?

At Blue Carrot, we specialize in a diverse range of media formats, including 2D/3D animated videos, live videos with animated overlays, synthetic videos, and interactive videos. Our expertise encompasses various visual styles and types. In e-learning development, we offer comprehensive services ranging from script writing and storyboarding to end-to-end course production. This includes creating all necessary media assets like videos, interactive objects (e.g. Storyline Articulate/Rise and other authoring tools, HTML, etc.), illustrations, reading materials, and handouts. Upon client request, we also provide localization services. The media produced by our team can comply with different accessibility standards like WCAG or ADA — depending on requirements set by the client. 

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